Best Places to Kiss in Paris

The Champs de Mars

Some would say that the top of the Eiffel Tower is the best place to kiss in Paris – but if you’re on top of the Eiffel Tower, then you can’t revel in its gorgeous shadow!  Rectify this by doing your kissing on the Champs de Mars, the wide grassy space just at the foot of the tower.  On Valentine’s Day, spread a warm blanket on the ground, open up a thermos of hot chocolate, and huddle together while reflecting on how lucky you are to be in Paris with someone that you love.

By the river Seine

Taking a stroll on the cobblestone banks of the Seine is so romantic, you’ll think you’re starring in an old French film. Go at dusk to watch the fading sunlight glitter on the water.  You’ll be smooching in no time.

On the river Seine

For those who don’t feel like walking along the banks, taking a night-time boat ride down the river Seine is an excellent way to soak up the magic and beauty of Paris.  Floating past the dreamy, twinkling lights of the city is sure to make you want to pucker up.  For Valentine’s Day, many bateaux-mouches companies offer specials that include dinner, and sometimes dancing, on the cruise.

Rodin Museum

The Musée Rodin not only has fabulous collection of the works of Rodin, it has a beautiful sculpture garden.  Wander the grounds, gaze at the works, and if the mood strikes, cuddle up on one of the wooden benches placed throughout the garden.  If you really want to ratchet the romance level to high, look for Rodin’s sexiest sculpture: “The Kiss.”  See if you can do that marble couple one better!

Almost any bridge in Paris

Tour guides are often quick to point to the Pont des Arts and Pont Neuf as two of the most romantic Parisian bridges.  And it’s true, they are lovely spots – but inevitably crowded.  And let’s just say that romance can get a little strained when you have to jockey for space at the bridge’s railing.  Happily, there are many other bridges in Paris that provide equally lovely, romantic views of the city.  For starters, check out Pont St. Michel, Pont Au Change, Pont St. Louis, and Pont Alexandre III.

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