Shop at Tiffany’s

My friend wrote this incredibly insightful Blog.

Do I Need To Explain?

For so long- I placed myself in an Ikea Cart when it comes to my dating life.  I watched as men wheeled their carts down my aisle and ever so carelessly I jumped in their buggies just to realize perhaps I didn’t belong or didn’t fit quite right. Or I would hop aboard and then realize the driver didn’t  know where the hey he was going. If you’ve been to Ikea (who hasn’t?) you know what I’m talking about- wheels going in all 4 directions. Not knowing which way to turn. You can’t control it- it wants to go left when your wanting to go right. It has a turning radius of a 12 ton truck- making the shopping process long and painful and often causing crashes into other carts or objects. You have to pull the damn thing to get it to follow. OR better yet- you’ll luck out and pick that special cart that will be missing a working wheel or two making it impossible to steer. It requires patience and often the trip to the damn store takes 3 times longer than anyone has patience for on a weekend when everyone else is there…
While I’m at it- Why not bust out the Product Selection- Yet Another Comparison
Some of the products are pretty damn cool. But wait. Get it home and next thing you know you’re in Swedish Hell drinking a bottle of Zen Zen by yourself cursing at an assembly manual that’s in some language none of your friends speak-its  missing 3/4 of the pieces required to put the damn thing together and you’re debating on picking up a drill and some screws to solve the problem (DO NOT TRY DOING THIS- ITS NOT A SOLUTION). You then have to go back to the damn store and go through the above process all over again. Fast forward 6-12 months later- you’re back yet again shopping for a replacement to the item you bought because it’s either broken or you are realizing that its not functioning in a way it was promised.
 Now Tiffany’s- automatically my heart comes back to its resting 53 beats per minute. You shop there because you never have any intention on returning the product. You know the product is well made. You give it a lot of thought prior to purchasing. There is no assembly required so drinking the bottle of Zen Zen is because you are celebrating your purchase- not agonizing over it. You know you are getting quality and you know what you purchase will be nothing short of spectacular. Usually- it’s the product that picks you- not the other way around.
The Best Part—- You Don’t need a cart to shop at Tiffany’s.

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