In the Zone

Get Psyched!

Welcome to competition season. It has begun.
On the way home from my daughter’s first competition last night, she told me she had an “out of body” experience during her routine. Of course I was intrigued and asked her explain. She said that at one point of her routine she looked into the crowd, realized that she was is the performing, everyone was watching her, and she couldn’t move.

Looking back on her routine she said she couldn’t remember any of it and it all seemed like a blur, except for that one spot. But that one time where she had an “out of body” experience really freaked her out. She felt alone and scared and uncomfortable. She wondered if that was what it felt like to be on drugs. I laughed and told her that her “out of body” experience was actually a point in her routine when she lost her focus. The rest of her routine…

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