Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Had

As I get older I sometimes may forget they exist. We all need to remember that we have incredible superpowers. If you choose to, you can use these powers and change the world, and maybe even impact the world around you. So dust off your cape and let’s begin…

The Power Of Love

This is a big one, and it applies to all types of love — love for family, friends, spouses and significant others, pets, etc. Importantly, it also applies to love for yourself (I once told a friend, You can’t love someone else until you love yourself. This will always ring true.). You’ll feel more alive and connected if you let yourself truly feel and express affection. You may be more comfortable saying it with words or showing it with actions. Do whichever feels right to you, or both, but let the people who are important to you know that you care about them. Also, let them send love your way, and remember to see yourself as lovable.

The Power Of Words

This is an important superpower to use for good, rather than for evil. Words can wound deeply if you aren’t careful. Harsh words, criticism, name-calling and negative gossip can destroy self-esteem and relationships. These days what you say on line is just as powerful. I have a friend who was recently slandered by some online posts. I pointed out that she was just caught in the cross fire in some kind of smear campaign against a colleague. None the less, the things that were written were damaging. But you have the power to turn this around. Share positive comments and encouragement. You can be honest if something is negative and still be kind. Make the effort to avoid hurtful words and you’ll save yourself and others from unnecessary damage.

The Power Of Leading By Example
being a leader

By profession I am a Gymnastics Educator. I coach children and adults. Recently I find myself spending more time teaching coaches to be better coaches. If you want a group of hard working gymnasts, you must be the hardest working person in the gym. If you want a good TEAM, you need to be a good team-mate to those you work with. We have all heard the story of There’s the boss who tells everyone to stay late, and then leaves promptly at 5:00pm to go golfing. If If you want the people around you to grow from your involvement in their lives, show them how to do it. Walk the walk.

The Power Of Movement

My other Blog is GYM MOMENTUM I am a true believe in the Power of Movement.  Get up and move! Our bodies’ innate ability to perform is something we may take for granted, but we shouldn’t. Exercise, dancing or just skipping down the street can boost your mood, build your confidence and bolster your strength. You don’t need to be graceful or athletic or even coordinated — you just need to move your body. Walking is the easiest way to start, but there are thousands of choices. We purchased a lake house last year, I’ve recently rediscovered how good I feel after a good swim and I am looking forward to ice skating (but first we need to winterize the house!). Years ago, I could do a pretty decent P. Bar Routine. Now I just find myself getting up and doing some swing Handstands and dips.  So find something you like and move. You’ll be doing something good for your body and your mind.

The Power Of Style
I am not big on fashion but I like to look good. It gives me a sense of confidence. Nurturing your sense of style is very empowering. You can control the message that you send to the world with your self-presentation choices. Figure out what works for you and your lifestyle. Your style is expressive and dynamic. It can reflect who you are inside, and who you hope to become. It can even fuel your transformation. Making active style choices can help you feel confident, beautiful and uniquely you.

The Power To Make Choices (Sometimes)

This superpower is huge, but often forgotten. There are so many things that you can change just by making a different choice. We have all made decisions we regret. You can’t change everything, but there are elements that you can control. If you’re not happy with your social life, what can you do differently? Spend time with different people? Go to different places? Confide in different friends? If you’re not happy with your body, what can you do differently? Change your grocery list? Start working out more? What about work? Family? Self-esteem? There are many areas where using your power to make choices can make you happier with your life. If you do make a bad decision- move on. If you hurt someone in the process- apologize then move on. 

The Power Of Reese’s



No, it doesn’t have to be Reese’s. That’s just my favorite treat. This is the superpower of guilt-free indulgence. Guilt-free is the key here. Only you have the power to let yourself enjoy occasional treats without beating yourself up for it before, during or afterwards. The treat may be chips, wine, cartoons, spa days — whatever appeals to you. It may not be best for you to indulge all the time, but every once in a while you deserve it, and you should let yourself enjoy it to the fullest.

The Power Of Fun

You know it’s important for children. There are huge businesses built on promoting fun in childhood. Then what happens? You grow up and life becomes full of responsibilities. It’s never too late to put some playtime back in your life. Gather some friends and do something fun. Or, if you prefer, make it alone time and recharge in solitude. Maybe try something new, or do something you used to enjoy before you got all grown up and serious about life. Make time to smile and laugh, and bring the balance back into your life.

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One Response to Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Had

  1. Great reminder that what we do counts in a big way if we do it right

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