Some Great Ideas

I took this from my friends Blog. She’s brilliant. 

Some Great Ideas:

A lawn Roomba. That, or a goat that you can legally have in the city

A Ride on Vacuum Cleaner for my Gymnastics Club (My idea)

A guitar which has a solar powered battery in the built in tuner (yes, I left it on last night)

A Washer/Dryer which required ONE push of a button

A vehicle which is powered by h gh

An electric blanket that is controlled via bio-Mechanical heating – it reads your temperature then adjusts the heat it emits.

A GPS which talks shit to you when you get lost “what the hell were you thinking getting on the freeway?! I said take the exit on 600 M not 200M. Now make a illegal U-Turn at some point today you dumb ass and I will continue to navigate. “

A teleporter which actually WORKS

A post service which has pick up at the front door that doesn’t cost a bagillion dollars. Sheesh.

A headband that actually stays on. You haven’t the foggiest how annoying this is.

Beds that make themselves.

Cars that have heated EVERYTHING.

An umbrella constructed of a material which is indestructible.

Ride on Kites

Time Warping

Electronic Reciepts- yes, this would be so handy. A receipt card which saves all your receipts electronically.

An electric blanket that has a built in ‘spooning’ option- so yes, ‘ big spoon blanket’

and her best idea yet: A bandaid that can heal heart ache


About tretrosi2013

Gymnastics Coach, Gymnastics Educator, Part time stand up comic.
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3 Responses to Some Great Ideas

  1. Joseph Toshach says:

    h gh? Human growth hormone??? That vehicle would be Lance Armstrong’s bike. BTW the GPS unit exists but it needs an optional output device—it’s called a wife.

  2. tretrosi2013 says:

    Joe, for the cost of just a bottle of wine I will NOT tell Denise about the GPS comment

  3. Rebecca Sykes says:

    It was supposed to say H20. … autocorrect epic fail…

    I’m gonna add that to the list…

    autocorrect that knows EXACTLY what you mean to say.:/

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