Democratic Rap

This was my sons project for Honors American Government. I thought it was pretty brilliant so I will share it.  They had to come up with a political commercial. (there were 3 of them in the project. Always good to see 3 white kids from NH trying to RAP)

Uh, yeah, Obama in da House
We’re the democrats
Bringing in the fat stacks
With the income tax
From the 16th amendment
Trillions in debt
But don’ worry or fret
Cuz we got the solution
With no extra pollution
The Grand Old Party
Is just what it’s called
Outdated, we’ve stated
And we’ll berate it for y’all
Who needs the kin-da war that they bring
Inva-da country
To make some more chaching
Dirty oi-l money
We don’t need that honey
We use the bi-o-eth-a-nol
Saves the world in the long haul



Drive a Prius
And now that you see us
We like to know that
That our O-zone is
Known to be O-kay
You know what we say
Global warming is a thing
Wish you were listening to the
People, that’s where we
Gotchya beat
Cuz democracy
Is just. So. Neat.
Passing out green cards
To the people who’ll work hard
The Dream Act
Doesn’t mean you’ll be sacked
Gives a chance
To the foreign nations
We’ll take our stance
To help out their situation
I’mma finish this rap
So we can get back to class
Just listen when we shout
“We’re 3bama and we’re out!”

About tretrosi2013

Gymnastics Coach, Gymnastics Educator, Part time stand up comic.
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