A time for peace

I am a dad to two wonderful teenagers. 

As a gymnastics coach I am also a bit of a father figure to hundreds. Most recently 2 young ladies from Iceland and one young lady from Canada lived at my house for a few weeks to train. 

Last night I stopped at a gas station to grab a coffee. A teenage girl was standing out front talking to people on the way in. By and large people were ignoring her.  As I entered the store I was afraid that she would ask me to buy her beer or cigarettes. I walked past and she asked me if I had $3.00 for gas. She said her car was out of gas and she just needed to get home. I asked where her car was- she pointed to the corner of the lot. I helped push her car to the pump- (Thanks to the guy in the Chevy Truck and his son for helping push!) and then I put $10 in her tank. She cried. 

I know I am an idealistic person. I have an issue in the gym that I often do not view things as they are but as they COULD BE. 

My world view is similar. 

Listening to the news this morning was heartbreaking. 

News about the Malaysian 777 that was shot down in Ukraine. 

News about the ongoing war in Gaza

News about the fighting in Iraq

News about gun violence here in USA (40 killed in Chicago over the weekend)

No matter what country you live in, whether you are conservative or liberal, whether you practice a religion or not, Rich or Poor. 


Is this the world you want to raise your children in? 

We are each come into this world and leave this world the same way. It is what we do in the space between that makes a difference. 

It is your choice. 

Do me a favor today.

JUST STOP- or at least slow down. I am not asking you to help. JUST LISTEN. SMILE and remember- we are not all that different. 

About tretrosi2013

Gymnastics Coach, Gymnastics Educator, Part time stand up comic.
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