Some words on my daughter

I am very proud of my daughter. She has always been a very confident, independent and curious person.3234_89778215638_5224002_n

Even when she was little. She insisted, “I’ll do it myself!” As an adult (wow- can’t believe she is an adult) she can intimidate the crap out of people.

I heard a story from my friend who was helping out with Maddie’s Color guard team. As captain, Maddie was calm, confident and self assured (on the outside). She kept her team-mates in line. She was driven and always had a fierce look in her eye. The story she related was when there was some drama and one of the other girls on guard just needed a hug (who hasn’t had a day like that?). So Becky gave the girl a hug and there stood Maddie, fire in her eyes, asking, “Can I have a Hug Too?”. Becky of course gave Maddie a hug and was surprised by her warmth and compassion afterward. She had said- I have never been so intimidated by a kid before!


21288_10151889605930639_661625021_nWelcome to my life.

Recently I was going through some of my old Journals, finding things I wrote about Maddie as a child. Here are some of the:


Parenting Maddie is a series of Bribes, negotiations, promises, threats, and bargaining. I get out smarted by her at least 2 times a week. She is 3 years old. 1596091_258426424321976_1471811646_o

Maddie’s socks were dirty, so I gave her the ones with DOGS on them. This is hour number two of her temper tantrum.

I cannot believe I am going to be late for work because Maddie successfully got her head through the arm hole of the sweatshirt. I guess it’s good that she is dressing herself.

I love how Maddie asks me to do ten things at once like I’m some kind of wizard. I am, but she doesn’t need to know that yet.

Thanks, mom who got a piñata for her son’s birthday party. Now Maddie  is running around my house hitting stuff to see if it has candy in it. Del (the dog) is not happy.

2-year-olds are evolution’s way of saying, “haha, have another kid, I dare you.” It’s population control craftsmanship at its finest.

SO PROUD: Maddie just finished a crossword puzzle!  She colored it blue.

Pretty sure Maddie’s autobiography shall be called “I WANT YOU TO HELP ME TO DO IT BY MYSELF!  I DON’T NEED HELP ! WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING ME??”

Had to put Maddie in Timeout. I am pretty sure she is sitting there plotting her revenge.

Maddie  is immensely disappointed that I didn’t jump out a window as promised when she wouldn’t stop pulling on me.

“It’s okay if I don’t like you all the time, right?” – Maddie-  almost-4-year-old, figuring it all out.

Me: “Why is your brother crying?”
Maddie: “I bumped my hand on the ground!”
Me: “That’s why he is crying?”
Maddie: “I also hit him in the face.”

I used to think my brother liked me. Then he gave maddie a recorder.

“I want a Rit. Can I have a Rit?”
“A Rit? You mean Ritz?”
“Yeah, but I just want one, so Rit.” Maddie, 4 years old.

When it comes down to it, parenting is basically snuggling and slowly watching everything you’ve ever owned be destroyed.

-and other reasons why I drink: Maddie insisted her hands remain dry during bath time.

“Did you seriously bring me to a party where there’s no cake?” – Maddie at 6 yr old.  assessment of the neighborhood  party thus far.

“Put the screwdriver down and get away from the glitter” <– Typical instructions for Maddie today.

I told Maddie  we were going to get drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and she said “do I have to put on pants?” and she raises a valid point

19 years of education. 2 degrees. 32 years old. Yet here I am. Losing an argument with a 3 yr old about wearing her Halloween costume to bed

I knew I was in trouble when she was 5 years old and she stuffed grass down her brothers diaper. My wife pulled him in side and stuck him in the tun yelling, “Why did you do that? What am I supposed to call him Grassy Butt?”

to which my daughter replied, “How about Grassy Ass? Mucho Grassy Ass”

A few more Maddie pics180815_10150127947095639_2301039_n

886459_10151421739293283_1207668512_o 531684_546715202025523_1671119915_n


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