Toddler Meltdown at Airport

I was on my way to Edmonton Alberta yesterday. At the airport in Boston as I was standing in line for security a 4 year old had the most epic meltdown.

I have NEVER seen a meltdown to this level (outside of Walmart). She threw her self on the floor, screamed, kicked, and thrashed as her horrified parents tried to take off shoes, and put everything through the scanner. Smartly dressed businessmen and women stepped over her. TSA guards tried to look as if this was an everyday occurrence. Standing a little further back in line we were all laughing a little, until the realization that this spawn of satan could be on our flight!

There was a mom traveling with 3 young children waiting  in front of me. The littlest one said, “Looks like someone missed their nap.” This one simple statement brought peels of laughter from all around.

After I finally made it through security I wanted to grab something to eat before I before I boarded. I was in the food court getting a sandwich when I heard the screaming child again. Her parents were refaced trying to get her into her stroller. I honestly felt bad. There was just NOTHING that anyone could do to help. At the bar, 2 business men were watching all this and joking about buying the Mom and Dad a drink. I thought it wold be a better idea to buy the kid a shot of Jaegermeister to put her to sleep.

Found this on line: Maybe we should buy it for them for their next trip. child-straight-jacket

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Gymnastics Coach, Gymnastics Educator, Part time stand up comic.
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One Response to Toddler Meltdown at Airport

  1. That picture is awesome. I guess he was Silence of the Lambs for Halloween?

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