Let’s get Ready to Tumble.

Well said as always. Good for Gymnasts and Coaches.

Get Psyched!

Mental blocks or Lost Move Syndrome in tumbling is one of the most common reasons why gymnasts and cheerleaders seek out mental training. One day you are tumbling fine, the next day you won’t go backwards, and you don’t know why. There have been many articles written about “How to overcome fears and mental blocks” and we read the articles and follow along with the recommended advice.

  1. Make sure you are physically ready to perform the skill.
  2. Get rid of any labels you, your parents, coaches, or teammates have placed on you like “I don’t tumble” “I am a mental case” “I don’t go backwards”
  3. Make sure your self-talk is encouraging like “I got this” and “I am strong” and you don’t say negative comments to yourself like “I am going to fall on my head” or “I am going to break my ankle”.
  4. Take calming breathes before each turn…

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