Some presents for myself this Christmas

It is Mid December and I  have just returned from working in Iceland.  I was able to buy most of my Christmas presents for friends and family while I was there. It is a busy time and I need to make sure I STOP for a moment and really think about the meaning of these celebrations, so that I don’t end up spending a fortune in time and money with nothing real to show when it is over.

This is the year that I need to  stay in the present moment as much as possible, no matter how crazy and hectic things get. If I race through each day of the season, mindlessly completing the items on my to-do list, I can become exhausted, depleted and resentful and totally miss the joys of this special time of year. You see, I spent years really not enjoying Christmas. Now, I love it. I love the lights, the window displays, the parties, the cookies, and most importantly,  a few days with family.

The solution to dealing with the crazy pace  is to give yourself some special gifts this year. I’m not talking about gifts that cost money or are indulgent, like a spa day, a fancy night on the town, or an exotic vacation — though those things may be just what you need right now. But these are some “splurges” for the Soul — activities that will help you find meaning in these dark days:

1. The Gift of Solitude

No matter how busy you are, take some time out to be totally alone during part of one day or evening. Try to find a place to go where you will not be around other people and turn your phone off or leave it behind for at least one hour. No matter if you live in the Mountains or in a City, In New England or in Florida- Take an hour, leave the electronics behind and give yourself a break free of distraction.


The idea is to be totally alone with your thoughts for an hour. During that time, take some deep breaths, think about the holiday that is approaching, reminisce about good times in the past, and contemplate what is most important to you about this season. Think of at least one thing you love about the holidays and plan how you can emphasize that activity or feeling in your life this year.

2. The Gift of Spontaneity

You must plan to be spontaneous! Growing up, my mom  was great at these spontaneous trips. We didn’t have much money and I always looked forward to these little surprises. Whether it was just a car ride to a friends for dinner or a weekend in Washington DC. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I realized all the planning it took to be spontaneous. Be watchful for opportunities to do something special that is not on your to-do list: wander through a local neighborhood to look at the lights, stop to listen to carolers on the street corner, take in the special window displays downtown, make a snow-angel or build a snowman if you live in a cold climate.

3. The Gift of Wisdom

Spend some time reading from one of the great Wisdom texts available to us: It doesn’t matter if it is the Bible, the Koran,  Bhagavad Gita, Kabbalah, I Ching, The Gospel of Thomas, Tao te Ching, the poetry of Rumi or countless other sources. Immerse yourself in the beautiful language and thoughtful sentiments in these ancient writings. As Rumi wrote: “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”

4. The Gift of Hunger

This may not sound like a gift at all, but I encourage you — just once during these holy days — to skip a meal. In this season of baking, feasting, partying and frequent overindulgence, it is an interesting experiment to go without eating for part of a day. When you have felt hunger for a few hours you will actually appreciate the abundant food that surrounds you and remember those who are not so fortunate at this or any other time of the year. You might even want to donate the money you save from that meal to a local soup kitchen or charity.

5. The Gift of Stars

Though it may be difficult for some, depending on where you live, I recommend going to a place one evening where you can look up and see the stars. Lie back for a brief time and study the vastness of the universe, reminding yourself how small we really are here on our beautiful planet. All of the rushing, shopping, buying, wrapping, baking, and entertaining that fill up your schedule are not really important when you consider the entire expanse of creation. But the Love that you feel and share with others rises above everything as what really matters during this holiday season.

Northern Lights and Stars, Iceland

Northern Lights and Stars, Iceland

And finally, no matter which of the above gifts you choose to give yourself this year, I suggest that you spend some time writing about the experience in a journal. Express your gratitude every day for this amazing life and all the  great things you have going on.  May you have a December to remember as you bring this year to a close and share your gifts with the world!

Dedicated to my friends who show me every day what a great life is. I am merely a reflection of your light.


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