A Dangerous Dozen: Misguided Ideas of Well-Meaning Gym Parents



With tuitions that can approximate a car payment each month, missed family dinners and weekends lost to travelling to remote locations to sit inside a gym or hotel convention center eating over priced hot dogs and too many brownies, no one can doubt that gymnastics parents are among the most dedicated sports parents.

The dollars, hours and effort invested on the part of the entire family can make what began as a fun activity into a lifestyle. And while it is a lifestyle that can bring many happy memories, it is also one that can drive even the most good-hearted gym parents into the rat race that can be part of youth sports.

Here are a dozen dangerous ideas that can plague even the best-intentioned gym parents:

  1. If my child fails to make consistent progress it is her coach’s fault and we should change gyms. While occasionally this is true…

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