Late last year I posted my F@#K IT list. As a nearly compulsive list maker, I have decided that it would be in my best interest to move on from some things. So I made a list of things to move on from. My Bucket List made the list and now became my F@#k It List.  As we enter a new year, there are many things to keep in mind: mantras to live by, resolutions to make, new goals to set. But January is also a great time to take stock of the things we’re wasting time, energy and stress on, and to, in the oft-quoted words of Elsa from “Frozen”: “Let it go.”

Below are some things I am  going to stop giving a shit about and maybe you should too in 2015. What would you add?

1. Juice cleanses.  I put this on here because I am tired of hearing about everyone’s latest cleanse. Let’s call a spade a spade and acknowledge that cleansing is less about health than about quick weight loss — and if that’s really your goal, there are healthier, longer-lasting ways to go about it.

2. Wearing matching socks. One day we may find the land of lost single socks. But today is not that day. (a lesson learned from my daughter)

3. Making plans with people you don’t actually want to see, to do things you don’t want to do. Obligation relationships aren’t good for anyone. I really just need to learn how to say NO.

4. The Clothes I wear. Sometimes I just want to put on my old sweater because it feels comfy.

5. People who don’t understand why laughing is important

6. Breaking the Internet. If it ain’t broke, why break it?

7. Getting tons of “likes” on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Better to ‘gram your avocado toast and sunsets for your own enjoyment, “likes” be damned.

8. Anything I hear in the TV or Radio that is on to make me afraid.

9. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I’d rather focus on truly enjoying the things I AM doing.

10. Losing that last five pounds. So many things taste better than skinny feels.

11. Worrying that I am not being the best friend or spouse. I care and I am doing my best. No sense worrying.

12. Feeling guilty about going to bed early. True love means never having to apologize for your REM cycles.

13. Feeling guilty about staying in bed late on a weekend  and not going the gym to work out.

14. Not “putting yourself out there” in ways that my (well-meaning) friends and colleagues think I should be. If there’s something truly worth “getting out” for, I’ll be motivated.

15. Eating gluten-free. Unless, of course, you are actually allergic to gluten.

16. Planning something *~#epic~* for every birthday. Embrace simplicity. A Day drinking at a bar or BBQing at the lake can be just as fun (if not more fun) than having an expensive 28-person dinner followed by five other complicated activities.

17. Working out more than my friends. Exercise is good for your body and mind. It does not all have to be a competition.

18. People who don’t give a shit about you. Again… bye, haters. I do not have the time.

19. Trying to make everyone happy all of the time. Do what you can, and forgive yourself the rest. And perhaps take some time to focus on making yourself happy.

Happy 2015,


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Gymnastics Coach, Gymnastics Educator, Part time stand up comic.
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  1. Sounds like a great start! Good for you. Life puts enough pressure on us already without us putting it on ourselves. Love the Let it go mentality. Count me in 😉 do what feels good to the soul. My new motto. The heck with all the rest!

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