4 Techniques of Old-School Coaching that DON’T Work, so Stop Using Them.

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Twenty years ago when I did gymnastics, coaching was much different. There wasn’t as much known about sports psychology or child development as there is today. So when coaches used fear tactics, humiliation, overtraining, and the theory of breaking them down to build them up we can give them the benefit of the doubt and say that back then we didn’t know any better.

But today, we do know better. So today, it is unacceptable for coaches to use these types of approaches.

Coaches that still use old-school techniques need to understand there is a better way to get your athlete to perform.

1. When coaches use fear tactics, their intention is to scare the athlete into doing what is asked of them. And that may work immediately, but as soon as the coach or the source of fear is gone, so is the behavior. The athlete also does not learn how…

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