Things we can learn from Peter Pan and Robin Hood

I recently returned from a trip to Perth Australia. A grueling flight back to the East Coast of the USA. I was able to sleep on the first leg of the trip (Perth to Dubai) but the second part of the flight (Dubai to Boston 14.5 hours) was terrible. A totally full flight where about 80 % of the people had never been on a plane before. It felt more like a flying homeless shelter.

My condolences to the flight attendants who had to deal with this.

During the Dubai to Boston leg of the journey I reread a few books I had not read since I was a child. I had recently seen the Robin Williams version of Peter Pan and it got me thinking. The story of Peter Pan has been around for more than a century. It  appeals to our sense of childhood freedom, lack of responsibility and the idea that it could be nice to never have to deal with the cares of growing up. The story also shows that no matter where you are, you still have battles to fight, things that lift you up and things that bring you down. In the end, we find that imagination is a wonderful gift, but we still need to live in the world of reality.

Some Things We Can Learn From Peter Pan and Robin Hood.

Let your imagination fly – The story of Peter Pan is full of imaginative scenes that are pretty impossible, but give one a sense of freedom.

Embrace adventure – Some don’t like to explore new things, but having the ability to embrace adventure means that all kinds of possibilities will present themselves throughout life. Adventure adds enrichment and enjoyment to life.

Share your opportunities with others – Peter asked Wendy to come back to Neverland with him. She could have easily flown off and left Michael and John at home, but she chose to wake them so that they could share in the adventure. Be willing to share your experiences with others.

Don’t be afraid to try new things – When the Lost Boys asked Wendy to be their mother, she admitted that she didn’t have the experience, but she felt sorry for them and decided to give it a try. She did quite well for a little girl.

Watch out for your friends – When Tiger Lily was tied up and left on the rock in the lagoon, Peter, using his wits, was able to get the pirates to free her so she could get to safety. He was always watching out for his friends and making sure they were okay.

There is a time for everything – Wendy and her brothers had their time of playing in Neverland, but then they all got homesick, and it was time to go home. Even the Lost Boys decided that their time on Neverland had come to an end, and they chose to go home with Wendy and her brothers.

Plans can change unexpectedly – We often believe that things are going to go just the way we think they should go and when the plans change we get upset. Wendy and the boys were just about to leave for home when they were captured by Captain Hook. All of a sudden their plans changed. Fortunately, Peter was able to set them free.

Everybody has to grow up sometime – Even though the children had fun in Neverland, they knew that they needed to be home and that it wasn’t realistic to stay there. They knew that going home meant growing up and they accepted that

Every person has a talent and a purpose that when it is put in place, in practice it magically changes the dynamics of life and connects us to the power within us all.

It takes a community to get things done, but every person has a responsibility to participate to make things work.

Someone has to stand, make decisions, and take the risks.

Love will conquer all, a zest to life comes not only from love ones, but from connecting to an inner desire. Give it away freely, give and share to make life great for all.

Have your own personal style.

Make life fun, laugh, joke, sing, dance, and celebrate life every day.

Live through your heart; be passionate and committed to doing the right thing.

You are never alone in your path, if you know how to ask and inspire others to help you.

Life is about making mistakes, not dwelling there, but learning and moving on.

Within us all there lives a Peter Pan, youthful and playful. And also lives a Robin Hood, a generous, kind-hearted soul that grounds you, and leads you to care for the world.

The world awaits your arrival. Once you acknowledge your contribution, talent, or genius; bring it and share it with the world. One of the things that I do, wherever I go is engage people with interesting conversation, questions, and acknowledgements. Only yesterday, did I fully comprehend the power of my intentions, and it only reinforces both the Peter Pan and Robin Hood with me.

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.” Peter Pan.

How will you live your life is up to you. But perhaps a little bit of Peter Pan and Robin Hood, might be good for the soul.


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