10 Truths That Successful Athletes Embrace

So true.


boy on rings

  1. Getting what you want often costs more than you want to pay, but you do it anyway.  It’s easy to show up when you feel like doing so, but when you don’t feel like and do it anyway you are on the road to success.
  2. You are making choices, not sacrifices.  Stop thinking of your choice to train hard, miss social engagements, eat healthy etc. as sacrifices and instead call them what they are: choices.  Choices you are making to pursue your dreams and goals.
  3. Have dreams and goals that are yours, not those of someone else .  Set the bar high and don’t be afraid to not obtain every dream or goal you have for yourself.  Also, do not be afraid to re-evaluate your dreams and goals.  But make sure they are your’s, not those of another or those you think you should have.
  4. But spend…

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