What happened last week

This week gave us a night of truly must-see TV. First, 17 Republican candidates squared off in two debates on Fox News. The would-be presidents mostly competed to see who could sound the most bellicose, who hated the government more, who could show more contempt for undocumented immigrants and poor people, and who would repeal Obamacare (and deny 10 million people health insurance) the fastest. We learned military spending needs to be greatly increased, and that we need to start a new ground war with ISIS — and possibly Iran. We heard little about the economy and nothing about climate change. Though Ronald Reagan was invoked, this was more midnight than morning in America. Then, a few hours later, in an act of supreme scheduling irony, Jon Stewart memorably said goodbye, reminding us that “bullshit is everywhere,” and “the best defense against bullshit is vigilance.” And also how desperately we’ll miss him. #JonVoyage

via Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington.


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