Ashley Madison

My friend Jason sent this to me in an e-mail. It was too good not to post. 

Here’s the thing about the Ashley Madison scandal. I’m not defending cheaters, the vast majority of them probably deserve to be punished. But between the cheaters and the hackers, only one of them actually broke the law.

There’s a reason we don’t really want vigilante justice, and that’s because when vigilantes get it wrong it’s quick and irreparable. Our justice system gets it wrong too, but in theory there’s an appeals process, and sometimes that appellate process works.

Most of these guys who have been outed will be in the doghouse for weeks, months, or however long it takes to win back the trust of their spouse. Some of them will be served divorce papers out right. But ONE person is going to get murdered, and I’ll tell you who it will be: It will be the wife of an abusive husband, who went to that site looking for some kind of happiness, someone who would knowingly understand her situation and keep her secret, and she’s trapped in this abusive marriage, probably has 4 kids and no job or skills, her husband is probably wealthy, and his family is probably a big part of their local community. When he finds out she was cheating, he’ll kill her and get away with it. Or at the very least, beat her worse than ever. So while most of those people are probably in the wrong, someone is just trying to make the most of their shitty situation.

If you had told me Josh Duggar’s wife was on Ashley Madison, I would have thought, “oh, good for her.”

Jason is a single guy living in Michigan. He’s funny and like me passionate about gymnastics and life.

Also I’m thinking about joining ashley madison. I’m not married, but lying to someone about being married in order to have sex seems like less of a wrong than lying to my wife about not having sex.

Jason M.

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