End of Summer Blues

Just a few months ago the days were getting longer. The nights were getting warmer. The months ahead held promise of parties at the lake. Late night walks along the ocean. Restaurant and Bar hopping through Portsmouth. A weekend gymnastics training camp (Gym Momentum Camp) with my gymnastics family. The Red Sox still had a shot (OK, maybe not).

As I prepare for my first trip for the fall I look back at what an amazing summer I had capped by an AMAZING 25th anniversary party last weekend. I cannot help feeling a lit sad as I see August tick away into September. Not just the desire to relive all the wonderful days and nights of summer but also the missed opportunities. The things that I had wanted and planned to do before my speaking schedule got crazy.

September is a traditional landmark. School is starting, and ever since we were young, we’ve been “trained” to have a “school year” mentality. We equate the summer with freedom and the fall with “back to school” and, for many, that means drudgery or at least, less freedom.

Also, the weather is changing. The days are getting shorter, and even the way people talk about the seasons encourages less energetic feelings.

Summer style and its pace are different. Time to put away the linen and go back to khakis  when we go out.  Summer is a very social time as the weather encourages people to go out. I am lucky that I live in down by the ocean but also have a house up on a lake not too far away. I get to see all my neighbors and friends as we run into each other at cafes, bars and restaurants in town, or down along the beach while surfing or even in a boat as we do an evening cruise around the lake.

It’s natural to become sad when we end one thing and when we think too far ahead about what’s next: the darker, colder winter when people are indoors and hibernate. Last night as my wife and I went for a walk around the lake I had seen the first signs of houses being closed up for the season. Docks pulled out of the water. Windows shuttered. Such a change from just a week ago where on our walk the smell of food cooking on grills, the sounds of laughter coming across the water.

Even the summer work routine and attitude is different. My gyms have a “leave early Friday” during the warmer months and no classes on weekends. My staff works incredibly hard all year. To give them some weekend to spend with family and friends is the least I can do.


  • Gym Momentum Camp was AMAZING! Thank you all coaches and gymnasts who participated.
  • A fun few days with Wendy, Carly and Paige at the lake following GM camp.
  • Having my family including nieces and nephews up at the lake! That is why we built this place! To create memories.
  • All of my clinics, conferences and congresses! Thank you all who came to see me. Thank you all who bought me a drink after!
  • Billy Joel Concert with family
  • Finished off the summer at our 25 year anniversary party! It was the event of the summer.

A few individual thanks from this summer

  • Dani- Thanks for taking me out to Food Truck Friday!
  • Wendy- Thanks for helping me escape.
  • James, Carrie and the TT crew- Thanks for all your support! You guys rock.
  • Katya- You are a blast to coach.
  • Maddie- I loved our dinner together and I loved it when your friends came up to lake
  • Chase- I love our spontaneous conversations!
  • Rob and Becky- You two are Rock Stars in my life
  • Stephen King- Thank you for another great book for the summer (Dr Sleep)

Now the things to look forward to

  • Whiskey tour this afternoon
  • I leave for Italy to teach a course tomorrow. 1 week of work. 1 week of play!
  • Georgia from Australia coming here to train
  • Brazil for New Years!

Some summer Photos


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