Bob the Builder is the WORST

Now- at 3 years old you will watch pretty much anything but by the time you are 5 you really should have your shit together. For the life f me, I cannot figure out why he would want to watch that show.

What happened to all the “real” cartoons. Spiderman, batman, superman. They all were super smart or had super powers. Something that normal people couldn’t do. That is why we wanted to be them. They were people who could SAVE THE DAY. Even Strawberry Shortcake at least smelled nice for the boys! She was bringing that to the table.
What did Bob the Builder do? What does he bring to the table?
A Home Depot gift card?

He has no powers. He just builds stuff. It’s not like he can hang sheetrock with his mind or remodel a kitchen in record time. There isn’t even a good story behind it- Like he got shot with a magic nail from a nail gun as a baby.

He just builds stuff. Just like my stoner friend Mike.

There is nothing wrong with working construction. I can’t build shit so I am pretty jealous of those who can. But it is really misleading for kids. My nephew sits there watching TV saying , “I wanna be like Bob the Builder”.

– of course you do. You think that all you have to do is sit there while your machines sing songs as they do all the work and build everything.

Do you have any idea how many mushrooms you’ll have to eat before that is going to happen?


I was bored hanging out with Mike one night as he ate mushrooms. I kept asking, “Can we build it?”
at 7
he answered “Yes we can”

Science at its best.

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Gymnastics Coach, Gymnastics Educator, Part time stand up comic.
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