How To Move To Canada If Donald Trump Becomes President

Source: How To Move To Canada If Donald Trump Becomes President

If Donald Trump becomes president, some Americans are gonna want to get out of here FAST.

Indeed, Google searches for “how to move to Canada” have surged 2,450 percent since Trump won more primary elections on Tuesday, a Google spokesperson told HuffPost.

Even Toronto’s public officials are offering help.
Moving to Canada may seem like a dramatic response to an election. But we’re not kidding about it. And you’re not kidding about it. So… how do Americans move to Canada?

1. Get a job in Canada.

There are tons of jobs you can do in Canada that don’t require a permit, like being an athlete or performing in a traveling circus. Hmmmm, CAN I GET A JOB COACHING GYMNASTICS THERE?

OR you can get a more traditional job and obtain a work permit for it. Canada’s work permits last for four years. Conveniently, four years is also the amount of time that Donald Trump would be president. Done!

2. Choose between all of Canada’s perfect places to live.

Vancouver has always looked nice. And so does that little surf town with all of the rocks. There’s also Cape Breton, an island that has openly offered to host American refugees in the event of a Trump takeover. THANK YOU!

3. Go to Canada.

You can book your own flight, or Kayak is giving out free one-way tickets to 10 Americans “looking to get away” because of the election. Shouldn’t be too hard.

4. Enjoy free healthcare!

No need to go with whatever it is Trump thinks is “terrific.” New permanent Canadian residents can sign up for free healthcare here!

5. Learn French. Eat food. Walk cobblestone streets. Repeat.

There isn’t a Trump in sight, and the only “walls” you’ll see here are around Gothic castles. Welcome to your new life. Oh, Canada.

Can I still cheer for the Boston Bruins?


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