My Anniversary

lessons-learnedToday is my Anniversary. It’s been 26 pretty amazing years. I can truthfully say that I love Steph more today than when we were first married. This is going to be a different year as we are now “empty nesters”. I never doubt her love but I wondered- with out kids in the house for the first time in 21 years, would she still like me?


25 years!

In the last 26 years I have learned a lot of lessons. Some of them the hard way. Here are 26 Lessons to share today

1. Marriage will teach you more about yourself than you bargained for. Consider this a gift.

2. Don’t complain about the cooking when your spouse is the cook.

3. When people say marriage is hard, believe them.

4. Never start the day off nagging or complaining.

5. An unwillingness to quarrel about something doesn’t mean you agree with it.

6. Establish early on whether the question “do these pants make me look fat?” is a true yes or no question.

7. Clean is a relative term.

8. Generosity may be the key to all happiness.

9. Admit your shortcomings. They’re obvious anyway.

10. Express gratitude often.


11. Give up all hope of being perfectly understood.

12. Being right will eventually lose its appeal.

13. Be the first to apologize. Really. It’s not as painful as it sounds.

14. It’s idiotic to stay up late arguing about being too tired to have sex.

15. Pay more attention to what you’re doing to make things go badly and pay less attention to what your spouse is doing.

16. If you’re going to complain about something, come to the table with a suggested alternative.

17. Your definition of sexy will change over time. New definition: me cleaning the house.

18. If you want something, recognize and accept that it’s your job to ask for it.

19. Disappointment is inevitable. Life gets a lot easier once you accept this.

20. Sometimes you’re going to do your unfair share. It’s not worth whining about.

21. Forget the nonsense about not going to bed angry. Get some sleep. Chances are things will look different in the morning.

22. There’s no end to how much you can love someone if you let yourself.

23. Accept apologies graciously.

24. Being happily married is not the same as living happily ever after.

25. There are no guaranteed divorce-proofing moves. All any of us can do is be a husband or wife our spouse would be foolish to leave.

26. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you have all the time in the world.


BONUS. “In love” pales in comparison to love



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One Response to My Anniversary

  1. Sandra Ceravolo says:

    Happy Anniversary guys and many more

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