Election Day 2016

Every 4 years our country has a bloodless change of government.

This year was crazy with both sides trying to frighten you into voting for them.

What happened to being honorable? What happened to respect and the ability to agree to disagree?

(Sigh…) Maybe it was never that way?

ELECTION DAY, NOVEMBER, 1884. Walt Whitman contents

If I should need to name, O Western World, your powerfulest

scene and show,

‘Twould not be you, Niagara—nor you, ye limitless prairies—nor

your huge rifts of canyons, Colorado,

Nor you, Yosemite—nor Yellowstone, with all its spasmic geyser-

loops ascending to the skies, appearing and disappearing,

Nor Oregon’s white cones—nor Huron’s belt of mighty lakes—

nor Mississippi’s stream:

—This seething hemisphere’s humanity, as now, I’d name—the

still small voice vibrating—America’s choosing day,

(The heart of it not in the chosen—the act itself the main, the

quadriennial choosing,)

The stretch of North and South arous’d—sea-board and inland

—Texas to Maine—the Prairie States—Vermont, Virginia,


The final ballot-shower from East to West—the paradox and con-


The countless snow-flakes falling—(a swordless conflict,

Yet more than all Rome’s wars of old, or modern Napoleon’s:)

the peaceful choice of all,

Or good or ill humanity—welcoming the darker odds, the dross:

—Foams and ferments the wine? it serves to purify—while the

heart pants, life glows:

These stormy gusts and winds waft precious ships,

Swell’d Washington’s, Jefferson’s, Lincoln’s sails.



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Gymnastics Coach, Gymnastics Educator, Part time stand up comic.
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