Answering This One Question May Help You Be a Better Coach


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Giving feedback to athletes is an essential part of being a coach. And, while that feedback is critical to the development of athletes’ skill, what is even more important is how that feedback impacts children’s self-image, motivation and mindset.

It is a fine line between criticism and feedback that we tread upon as parents, coaches or teachers. It is our job to guide kids toward improving without demoralizing them or causing them to feel shame for making an error. That is a difficult enough task, then when we add in that there are times when these children act and behave, well, like children, it can make walking the line that much more difficult.

But before you say a word in frustration or even anger, answer this question: how would you want your boss to speak to you?

Not how would your boss speak, how you might expect them to speak…

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