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Looking Back on High School

How did I get here? As my life ramped up to graduation day, the desire to just GO FAST, to feel the wind race past you with out knowing if you were running towards something or away. To just GO. … Continue reading

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To Maddie- On her College Graduation

Dear Maddie, I’ve written many, many notes, cards and e-mails to you over the last 22 lightning fast years together but none may be more love filled as this one. From the day we brought you home that steamy hot … Continue reading

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21 Reasons You Should Probably Just Get Drunk With Your Parents

My daughter will be turning 21 soon. Here are some words of advice. Ain’t no party like a mom and dad party. 👪 A night out with mom and dad is pretty much the definition of squad goals. Think about … Continue reading

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Your Drink of Choice Says Something About You

I know you are not a drinker. But you are in your 3rd year at the University and someday you may be. It is important that you really consider what “YOUR DRINK” will be. People will judge you by what you drink. Reality is that:

Your cocktail says something about you. Continue reading

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