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My Son is Graduating College Today

Call me sentimental, but I’ve always loved graduations: the way they tie up loose ends and signify new beginnings, the chance to reflect on the past, and celebrate the future. I feel bad for the graduates of 2020. Schools closed … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace My Friend

Monday night, November 4th I flew back from London. As my flight landed in Boston I saw I had a text from my friend Dave. He simply said, “give me a call when you get a chance”. I spoke to … Continue reading

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1/15/2017 Dolores O’Riordan, the singer of the 1990s Irish band The Cranberries, died Monday in London, according to media reports. She was 46. The cause of death was not immediately made public. These were songs my wife and I played … Continue reading

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Finding a Pond to Skate on

Finding A Pond to Skate On Leave a reply The rain and warm temperatures over the weekend followed by cold weather has made for some excellent skating conditions. Here in New England, the right combination of penetrating cold and precipitation creates … Continue reading

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Things I Love about September

First bonfires of the season. Most of my neighbors will have a fire of some sort. Some are just cleaning up and have a burn fire. Others are created with the purpose of bringing us together. You get the fall color … Continue reading

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Ave Maria

We each have a sound track to our life. Songs that we may only hear once but at a time where we will remember them forever. Maybe a song that we have heard a thousand times but then it plays … Continue reading

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Researching ethics and falling down the rabbit hole. Doing the Right Thing.  AND- 5 Reasons Glass-Steagall Matters 

Right now I have sequestered myself at a cabin so I could finish some writing. I had to work on a lecture on ETHICS. As often happens in my research I get pulled down the rabbit hole. I get too … Continue reading

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19 Lesson’s for my son on his 19th Birthday

1. Don’t quit a job before you even start. I have had some pretty terrible jobs before I had a job I loved. I once took a job working at a day camp and I seriously dreaded working 8-hour days … Continue reading

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Today Would Have Been My Brother’s Birthday

Dear Jeff, Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. As we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas I remember the excitement you had as a youth. An excitement that you carried into adulthood. Today is your … Continue reading

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Election Day 2016

Every 4 years our country has a bloodless change of government. This year was crazy with both sides trying to frighten you into voting for them. What happened to being honorable? What happened to respect and the ability to agree … Continue reading

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