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They might keep their jobs, but they won’t keep their reputations –

It’s official: Republicans have become an all-or-nothing party committed to going down with Trump’s ship Growing up my father was a Union guy in a Central New York factory. My mother was a gymnastics coach and swim teacher. We didn’t … Continue reading

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Why They’re Lying About Voter Fraud

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Researching ethics and falling down the rabbit hole. Doing the Right Thing.  AND- 5 Reasons Glass-Steagall Matters 

Right now I have sequestered myself at a cabin so I could finish some writing. I had to work on a lecture on ETHICS. As often happens in my research I get pulled down the rabbit hole. I get too … Continue reading

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15 classic metal albums whose titles are less dark than the Washington Post’s new motto

The Washington Post unveiled a cheery new motto this week: “Democracy dies in darkness.” The phrase now appears beneath the newspaper’s name on its website and Snapchat Discover page, although it has yet to make its way into the print … Continue reading

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Really New Hampshire?

New Hampshire residents no longer need any kind of license to carry a concealed handgun after the state repealed a nearly century-old law that allowed police to deny concealed carry licenses to people they believed could pose a risk to … Continue reading

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Why President Trump’s Border Wall Is An Example Of Bad Leadership

Is it smart to invest in a wall to solve a problem that doesn’t exist – and would not address potential problems? Source: Why President Trump’s Border Wall Is An Example Of Bad Leadership “Get the assumptions wrong and nothing … Continue reading

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Rogue fun? Parody govt Twitter accounts multiply, defying Trump’s alleged ban

Rogue One? More like Rogue 24 and counting…. At least 24 Twitter accounts claiming to be posting unofficially for federal agencies sprouted like mushrooms overnight following an isolated incident in which a former employee of the National Park Service took … Continue reading

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