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NRA- Nonsensical Rifle Addiction

I Just returned from FIG World Championships (Gymnastics) in Canada. There were thousands of people from all over the world attending each proudly wearing their team colors.The day after the shooting in Las Vegas I overheard many speaking about the … Continue reading

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Come to New Hampshire This Fall

Why Go? Mountainous and woodsy, New Hampshire is blessed with vast parklands for experiencing fall foliage, on foot and behind the wheel. Balance city and forest with overnights in the hipster town of Portsmouth, driving to the many different hiking … Continue reading

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Looking Back on High School

How did I get here? As my life ramped up to graduation day, the desire to just GO FAST, to feel the wind race past you with out knowing if you were running towards something or away. To just GO. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Today I turn 50! HOLY SHIT! How did that happen? When I was younger I wanted to live to 100. I guess I am half way there now. Although my goals have changed. It is cliché … Continue reading

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I am sitting in a small apartment in Milan as I write this. I am a frequent travelor both for work and play and I am always amazed by the “Ugly American” stereo type. Yes, they are out there. (I … Continue reading

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5 Mistakes You Can Make When Ordering Food in Italian

My first job teaching was as an ESL teacher. It’s always a little funny listening to someone speak English as a second language. Their pronunciation of certain words and the roundabout sentences they use to express themselves seem adorable if … Continue reading

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10 Things Americans Get Wrong About America

In the last 12 months I have had an opportunity to travel the world. Through out Italy, Iceland, Australia, through out Canada and most recently Brazil. When people ask if I am American, I pause. Not sure is this is … Continue reading

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