Tips for your Competition this Weekend.

Get Psyched!

So you have a competition this weekend. Here are some tips to help you stay calm, focused, and confident.
1. Switch from Practice Mindset to Performance Mindset. Training may have been geared toward making corrections such as, correcting arm positions, pointing toes, or tweaking technique on skills. This is called the practice mindset. The athlete must switch from practice mindset to performance mindset for competition. This means they must leave their training behind and focus on their performance.

Don’t try to make changes or corrections during the competition. What ever you have been training in the gym is how you will compete.

2. Focus on the Process, not the Outcome. I understand that awards, scores, and wins are important to the athlete. But focusing on awards, scores, or wins do not help the athlete perform. If the athlete would like to win the competition, then what do they have to do to win?…

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