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They might keep their jobs, but they won’t keep their reputations –

It’s official: Republicans have become an all-or-nothing party committed to going down with Trump’s ship Growing up my father was a Union guy in a Central New York factory. My mother was a gymnastics coach and swim teacher. We didn’t … Continue reading

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Ave Maria

We each have a sound track to our life. Songs that we may only hear once but at a time where we will remember them forever. Maybe a song that we have heard a thousand times but then it plays … Continue reading

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5 Things The Media Gets Wrong About White Supremacist Hate

Source: 5 Things The Media Gets Wrong About White Supremacist Hate | HuffPost White supremacist terror is at the top of people’s minds after a white supremacist stabbed and killed two men who were defending two young black women, one in … Continue reading

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Looking Back on High School

How did I get here? As my life ramped up to graduation day, the desire to just GO FAST, to feel the wind race past you with out knowing if you were running towards something or away. To just GO. … Continue reading

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Why They’re Lying About Voter Fraud

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Researching ethics and falling down the rabbit hole. Doing the Right Thing.  AND- 5 Reasons Glass-Steagall Matters 

Right now I have sequestered myself at a cabin so I could finish some writing. I had to work on a lecture on ETHICS. As often happens in my research I get pulled down the rabbit hole. I get too … Continue reading

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Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’

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